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Hello San Francisco!



Hello San Francisco is a hilarious, interactive spoof of a San Francisco daytime TV show, featuring over-the-top co-hosts, Kimmi Merryweather and Vicki Rizzoli! 

Think, “Good Morning America” meets “The Tonight Show”.

It’s jam-packed with audience participation, variety entertainment, colorful characters, topical news satire, “celebrity” appearances, and edgy co-host chit chat. And... It’s the show where your people are the stars!

"Brilliant, clever, funny!" - Maggie Panontin,  San Francisco Film Centre

"Love, love, love the show!!! So fantastic!!!" - Samantha Harrington, Harrington Coordinated

"Hello San Francisco is freaking fantastic!" - Denise Barnhart, Key Events

Sizzle real coming soon!


“We’re live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” Roll the camera! Cue the music! Shine the lights! 

A colorful cast of professional entertainers hit the stage in a high energy, Broadway-style song and dance number to the Hello San Francisco theme music! 


As the final note of the theme song rings out, the cast glides into position and assumes their characters in the show.  And now... Meet your lovely co-hosts, Kimmi & Vicki! 

The not-so-secretly competitive news anchors, flash toothy smiles, sling veiled insults, and deliver biting one-liners, while introducing “celebrity guests” and riotous segments.

Smile! You’re on Camera! This is where YOU come in! 

These laugh-a-minute, customizable segments can feature your organization, front and center. 

Here are some examples of rollicking, San Francisco-themed spots, featuring you:

  • "News" (hilarious headline news happening right NOW in San Francisco, or within your company)
  • "Techie Stretch" (put down your devices and do techie moves like the "Tinder Swipe" the "Thumb Text Stretch" & the "Block Chain" to music)
  • “The Streets of San Francisco” (faux reporters quiz audience members on renowned sights)
  • “Queen for a Day” (drag queen gives an audience member a fabulous makeover)
  • “Pitch it!” (Audience members pitch a zany start-up idea. Whoever sells it best, wins a prize!)  


Hello San Francisco is scalable, customizable and guaranteed to bring big laughs to your event! 


Option 1:

5-min, Spectacular Kick-off to your General Session (cast of  2 - 15)

Option 2:

5-min, Energetic, Interactive Bursts throughout your Conference (cast of 2 - 15)

Option 3:

45-min, Extraordinary, Custom-scripted Feature Performance (cast of 5 - 15)

We can't WAIT to say "Hello" to San Francisco visitors and locals alike!


TV Show Host, Kimmi Merriweather.... Heather Rogers

TV Show Host, Vicki Rizzoli... Velia Amarasingham

TV Producer, Mark... Mark Addington, AG Productions

TV DJ, DJ Seth... Seth Glasman, AG Productions

TV Cameraman, Mario... Mario Glaviano, The Documentarists

Show concept & writing... Heather Rogers & Velia Amarasingham, Curated Entertainment

Musical Director / Sound Designer... Simon Amarasingham, Curated Entertainment

Videography & Editing... Mario Glaviano, The Documentarists

Action Photos in Gallery... Misti Layne